South Asian Network Operators Group
A non-profit forum for Data Network Operators in South Asia

Event Chrono

Program : See CFP Announcement

Workshop : 31 Jul - 04 Aug, 2019

Conference : 05 Aug - 06 Aug, 2019

Tutorial : 06 Aug - 07 Aug, 2019

Welcome to SANOG34 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Workshop of SANOG34 will start first followed by Conference and at the end Tutorial...

31 July - 07 August, 2019

Galle Face Hotel

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The venue for SANOG XXIV is Galle Face Hotel at Colombo, Sri Lanka. The event will be hosted by The Lanka Education And Research Network (LEARN) and co-hosted by Sri Lankan NOG LKNOG .

SANOG34 Keynote information is about to publish, stay tuned

About LEARN: The Lanka Education And Research Network is the NREN (National Research and Education Network) of Sri Lanka, which interconnects Educational and Research institutions across the country, and provide network related services to them. A National Research and Education Network (NREN) is usually a specialized Internet Service Provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within a country and it is distinguished by support for a high-speed backbone network, often offering dedicated channels for individual research projects. LEARN currently interconnect all of the UGC funded state universities, a number of public universities under other ministries, the University Grants Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education, and a number of national research institutions including the National Science Foundation (NSF)

About LKNOG : Lanka Network Operators Group (LKNOG) is a non-profit, community based initiative to bring the network operators and networking professionals in Sri Lanka together in terms of educational, knowledge sharing and collaborative aspects. The objective of this forum is to provide a local & regional platform to discuss operational issues and technologies that interests network operators in Sri Lanka and in South Asia. This initiative also aim to unearth local talent and resource personnel from Sri Lanka who will be keen to contribute towards capacity building and knowledge sharing activities at large.

We cordially welcome you to SANOG34 - to Sri Lanka - The Gift of Mother Nature.