South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) - I


SANOG I, the first meeting of the group took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 23-28 January, 2003. To make the organization easier, the first meeting was held in conjuction with the CAN IT Conference 2003, which is a national IT conference organzied by Computer Association of Nepal since 2001. The themes for this years conference included operational technologies as an inherent part, to facilitate the organization of SANOG I.

The agenda for the first meeting of SANOG was to establish the procedure for future meetings and gathering a consensus for such a group. Apart from the meeting itself, during the six day event, there were tutorials and talk on current and future operational technologies. 

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APOPS Presentation 

The presentation on SANOG made at APOPS Forum during APRICOT 2003    is here

SANOG I  Presentations
23-28 January, 2003, Kathmandu, Nepal


Philip Smith, Srinath Beldona: BGP Multihoming Tutorial
Kurt Erik Lindqvist: IPv6 – The next generation Internet
Joe Abley: DNS and DNS security   
Philip Smith: Internet Exchange Points and BGP Peering Issues
Deepak Rauniyar : Distributed Network Security
Ritesh Raj Joshi : Network Security Tools and applications
Alexei Colisnicenco: QoS in ISP networks
Alexei Colisnicenco: MPLS Tutorial

The APNIC training materials are available on the APNIC website.

Keynote Slides

Keynote Address by Kurt Lindqvist: " Operational Stability of Internet "
After noon Keynote : Joe Abley, Internet Software Consortium "Future of IP Addressing"