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IoT Workshop (2 days)

Workshop Details

Workshop Agenda and Downloads

Date : 07 - 08 August, 2018

Time : 09:00 - 18:00 Local Time

Venue : Hotel Le Meridien, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Jonathan Brewer (NSRC, NZ)

Target audience

Technical & Software Development staff who involved in Internet technology standards, have sound knowledge in Python Programming Language


# This workshop is not an introduction. This workshop is a technical introduction to the IoT, using the Python programming language and the LoRaWAN radio protocol. It's meant for people with a network operations or computer science background. If you're here, be prepared to work hard and do some neat things!

# It is assumed that the workshop participants know how to use different programming language

# Participants are required to bring their own laptops. These can be Windows/Linux/macOS and must have working wireless to allow participation in the hands on lab exercises.

Class size

The workshop can accommodate up to 20 participants (Max)

Workshop topics

Day 1 Session: Welcome & Icebreaker

Day 1 Session: Lecture: Applications of the IoT

Day 1 Session: Lecture: An Introduction to MicroPython

Day 1 Session: Lab: Setting up for LoPy

Day 1 Session: Lab: Hello World in Blinking Colour!

Day 1 Session: Lab: Detecting a button press with LoPy

Day 1 Session: Lab: Saving data with LoPy

Day 2 Session: Lecture: Analogue & Digital Sensors & Actuators

Day 2 Session: Lab: Reading sensors with LoPy

Day 2 Session: Lecture: RF Protocols of the IoT

Day 2 Session: Lecture: LoRaWAN in Depth & The Things Network (TTN)

Day 2 Session: Lecture: MQTT & WebSockets Lecture

Day 2 Session: Lab: LoRaWAN with TTN

Day 2 Session: Lab: Live Data to IoT Platforms