South Asian Network Operators Group
A non-profit forum for Data Network Operators in South Asia


20 - 25 Jan, 2020

Karachi, Pakistan

SANOG 35 Fellowship Result

The SANOG XXXV Fellowship program has been made possbile with a regular grant from the Internet Society (ISOC), and a continued active support from APNIC. The Fellowship encourages folks from the South Asian Region to participate in the workshop, tutorials and conference.

Following the ongoing agenda of the Sponsors, WOMEN Applications for Fellowship are being significantly encouraged. With over 50% percent of the female population in the South Asian Region, rarely very few of them are regulary seen to be active in the Internet area. Thus ISOC and APNIC extended their hands to enhance women participation in the SANOG region

The following Applications are selected as the 1st Round Fellow for SANOG 35

1. Mohamed Mansoor Zaheer Hussain (LK)

2. Aisha Arshad (PK)

3. Ayesha Iftikhar (PK)

4. Muhammad Farhan khan (PK)

5. Muhammad Faisal Naeem (PK)

6. Bashir Ahmed Zeeshan (PK)

7. Sameer Ali Khan (PK)

8. Zulfiqar Ali Memon (PK)

9. Shakeel Hussain (PK)