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15 - 23 July 2009, Chennai, India
last updated 22 July 2009

SANOG 14 will consists of Workshops, Tutorials and Conferences spread over 9 Days.

Program starts at 9:30 every day.


15-19 July 2009 : Hands on Workshops
20-21 July 2009 : Tutorials and Side Events
22-23 July 2009 : SANOG 14 Conference

15-19 July 2009 : Workshops

SANOG workshops are handson five day long course meant for network builders and engineers. The workshop cover intermediate to advanced materials. All workshop participants are required to bring their own laptops.SANOG 14 will have the following Workshops

Workshop 1: IPv4 and IPv6 ISP Routing, BGP Multihoming, Peering, IXPs - by Philip Smith, Srinath Beldona, Yogesh Jiandani. Slides

Workshop 2: Network Security workshops - securing and managing your network. - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Rehan Nedaria. Slides

Workshop 3: MPLS Network Design and Deployment - by Srini Irigi, Jonny Martin, Slides

20-21 July 2009 : Tutorials and Side Events

20th July : Tutorials
Tutorial 1 : Routing
AM : Introduction to IPv6 - APNIC
PM : Internet Routing Registry - APNIC

Tutorial 2 : Transport
AM : Introduction to Multicast and Multicast Deployment - Srini Irigi
PM : Optical Networks - Deployment and Troubleshooting - Jonny Martin

Tutorial 3 : Security
AM : IXP Operations and Infrastructure Security Tutorial - Jonny Martin, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya. Slides

APNIC Helpdesk and Hostmaster Consultation

Demo @ Dinner

21st July :Tutorials

Tutorial 1 : Routing
AM : IPv4 and IPv6 BGP Multihoming Techniques - Philip Smith
PM : IPv4 and IPv6 BGP Troubleshooting - Philip Smith

Tutorial 2 : Transport and Applications
AM/PM : Building MPLS Networks and deploying
Metro Ethernet - Paresh Khatri
MPLS Slides , Metro Ethernet Slides

Tutorial 3 : Security
AM : Network Security Tutorial - APNIC
PM : Tackling Spoofing Challenges in Broadband Access Networks - Bharat Joshi, DTV Ramakrishna Roa and Pavan Kurapati

Sponsored Tutorial : JunOS
AM/PM : Tutorial on Introduction to JunOS. - R Subramanian and Team

APNIC Helpdesk and Hostmaster Consultation

APNIC Hostmaster consultancy is open for current APNIC members from
Monday, 20 July to Thursday, 24 July. A 30-45minutes session can be
booked in advance during these dates by writing to

Avail this opportunity to request your IPv6 address from APNIC. APNIC
Hostmaster will guide you through the IPv6 application process and help
receive your IPv6 allocation/assignment within one business day.

22-23 July 2009 : Conference

APNIC Helpdesk and Hostmaster Consultation will be available both the days.

22nd July :Conference

Session 1 : Opening and Keynote
Keynote by Ram Mohan, Afilias
- on DNSSec, IDNs and technical and policy issues of things that glue the Internet.

Session 2 : Operations

- Root Zone Stability Study - Bill Manning
- High Availability Network Design - Paresh Khatri
- IP Core Architecture Trend and Policy Management - Rama Subramanian

Session 3 : Internet Operations and Updates
- Routing Table Deaggregation Update - Philip Smith
- Subsea Cables - new and old - Yves Poppe
- Next Generation Multicast VPN - Amit Kumar Dash

Session 4 : Lightening Talks

Signing - Peter Losher, ISC
EDNS Fun - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
Using Communities in TATA Network - Amit Dunga
Some Fun with 4byte ASNs - Philip Smith
Make your own CWDM - Jonathan D. Martin, PCH
Abuse Desk Handling - Devdas Bhagat, Directi - no slides
Abuse mitigation at Registrar Level - Suresh Ramasubramanian, IBM - no slides
6Choice : EU - India Co-operation on v6 - Rao Sathya, Telscom
Some slides on recent EDNS and TCP DNS data - Ram Mohan, Afilias

23rd July :Conference

Session 1 :Internet Operations
- Expanding the Internet: IPv4 to IPv6 - Srinvias Chendi
- ISC Community Update on DNS-OARC, Root ops etc. - Peter Losher
- IPv6 Deployment Experience - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
- NIXI and other regional IXP Updates
-Equinix Update

Session 2 : Closing

- Network Operations Group round the World - Philip Smith
- Scaling DNS and measurements of high volume DNS - Devdas Bhagat
- Closing


After Lunch Sessions:

APNIC IRME Training.

APNIC will hold it Internet Resrouce Management Training in the afternoon after the closure of the main SANOG conference. All SANOG participants can participate in this training. Topics will cover IP Address management, processing of resource requests with APNIC and other APNIC related issues.



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